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Golden Gateway Hospice Today

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Golden Gateway Hospice offices are in  Bethlehem in the Free State, South Africa. We are a member of H.P.C.A (Hospice Palliative Care of South Africa).  The Hospice has been accredited to the standards of HPCA (Hospice Palliative Care Association South Africa) with a 5 star rating and with COHSASA (Council For Health Service Accreditation Of Southern Africa) with a  99% pass rate on our last accreditation and  therefore getting a full accreditation for 3 years.

We are an approved  HPCA Accredited Training Site.

We have a Day Care Centre, which follows an ECD Curriculum. There are approximately 74 children aged between 3 and 6 years attending the centre.

At our Multipurpose Centre we manage 4 programs for Orphaned and Vulnerable, Infected and Affected children.

The Hospice employs 41 staff which includes a General Manager, Professional Nurses, Home Based Care Workers, a Social Worker, Social Auxiliary Workers, Administator, Fundraiser, M & E Personal, Cleaner, Gardener, School Manager, Teachers and Cooks. 



Holistic Palliative  Home Based Care children and adults

Psycho social Care children and adults

Counseling services Patient and families

Bereavement Care children and adults

HIV / Aids Testing children and adults

Support groups/ Workshops children and adults

Awareness campaigns in the community and at schools/ children and adults

Referrals to and from Primary Health Care Clinics and  hospitals /children and adults

Tracing of treatment defaulters referred by the clinics

Distribution of condums

Day Care Centre

Nutritional Supplements

Programs for the OVC’s at our Multipurpose Centre

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