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Paediatric Palliative care

Children’s Palliative Care is the most rewarding, challenging and interesting discipline in the world. There is nothing more satisfying to us than to relieve a child’s pain and distress.

Our role in children’s Palliative Care is to give Holistic Palliative Care which is the total, active care of the mind, body and soul of the child and the family.

Childrens Palliative Care

There are few things that are more important or valuable in life than to relieve the suffering of a child and to help the child live the life they have as fully as possible.

As the incidence of HIV / Aids grows we are seeing more and more children infected and being orphaned. To be able to walk into a home and see a smile on a child’s face, who was depressed and in pain, when you first saw him, is wonderful.

We have a great team that works with the children which includes the Professional Nurses, the Social Worker and the Home Based Carers. Both the Professional Nurses and the Social Worker completed the Children’s Palliative Care Course.

A lot of these children have been neglected either due to the stigma of HIV / Aids or denial, so they get ignored or abandoned. There is a lot of Education and Counselling that is given to the family and child, so that the quality of their lives improve. If we are able to reach some of the children and make sure that they have a better quality of life whilst they are alive it is all worth it.

Care and adherence support activities that maintain the patient and family’s health, morale and dignity.

Assistance for patients in accessing nutritional supplements.

The Psychosocial Department assists with grants, ID Application, child support, school uniforms, foster care and disability grants.

Patient support groups meet weekly for emotional support, therapy and training in life skills.

Spiritual, emotional support and professional counseling is given to both the patient and family, assisting them to affirm life and regard dying as a normal process.

Support and care for the family members who are grieving. The Bereavement support is given for as long as the family members are in need of this care.

Education for the community by creating awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and TB in the hope of slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS and to change attitudes towards those who are infected.

Individual counseling and HIV testing and TB screening.  Counseling and screening in the community. By detecting the virus early the spread of the pandemic can be minimized.

Referring of patients to our network partners



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