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Psychosocial Department

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Our Psychosocial department was established in January 2005 with the appointment of our first Social worker, Elize Willis. Elize is now our General Manager but still does part time social work.

Our focus has changed from Home-based care to Palliative Care. Palliative care is holistic care delivered by a team of professionals. Not only is the medical / physical side of the patient  cared for, but also all the emotional pain that the patient and family go through during the illness. Bereavement care is provided  to the familyfor as long as a they want it.

Daleen van Niekerk was appointed as our second social worker and took the Psychosocial department from strength to strength. She established a lot of support groups,  an HIV support group; an emotional support group for teenagers called the GirlCare; and support groups for grandparents who look after our Orphans and Vulnerable children, known as GogoCare’s. During the school holidays there is a program called HoliCare which is for the children where they  learn the love of play.Daleen left our Hospice at the end of April 2011 to get married.

Rutendo Makurira is our Social Worker,  who has a Bachelor of Social Work Honors Degree. Whist working here she has been trained in Play Therapy 1, Trauma and De Traumatization and The 5 Day Course on Palliative Care which she passed with flying colours. 

This department has expanded significantly and we currently have 2 social auxiliary workers—Selina Cindi and Anthony Mosea, and 1 OVC coordinator—Puleng Ramathe.


The psychosocial department is part of the team at Golden Gateway Hospice that gives holistic palliative care to the patients and their    

They assists with grants, ID Application, child support, school uniforms, foster care and disability grants.

 Patient support groups meet weekly for emotional support, therapy and training in life skills.

  Spiritual, emotional support and professional counseling is given to both the patient and family, assisting them to affirm life and regard dying as a normal process.

Support and care for the family members who are grieving. The Bereavement support is given for as long as the family members are in need of this care.

Our Social Worker works at our Day Care Centre helping the children and families that have psychosocial  problems

Multipurpose Centre/ Drop in Centre:

Orphan and Vulnerablechildren, and Paedicatric Patients 

There are approximately 110 children that we give a service to at our Multipurpose Centre, on a monthly basis. On the premises we have a kitchen where daily food plate for the children are cooked, a library where the children may take a book home or use it to research for a school project.

There are many children aged 0-18yrs who are victims of parents, guardians and caregivers whom become infected with a terminal illness.  Many of the breadwinners die, leaving the rest of the household, especially the children, to fend for themselves.  Ultimately resulting in poverty, child headed households, children who are emotionally scarred and have a lack of interest in schooling.  Golden Gateway Hospice manages an Orphaned and Vulnerable Children ‘Care’ program.  This program includes:


This is a program offered to school going children.  It is an opportunity for them to get together in the afternoon to complete their homework and study.  These children are given a fully cooked meal in the afternoons.  Computer training is offered to the children as a skills development program.  This particular program is growing at an extremely rapid rate. 


This program is run over certain holiday periods.  Here the children are cared for, taught life skills and are shown the joy of play.  The children are given cooked meals over the days they spend with the program and this has proved to be an extremely popular program for children of all ages.  Their parents / caregivers are also given an opportunity to spend a day in the program with their children       


This is a support group for children and has currently been divided into two groups, to remain gender sensitive, namely:


In this group, young adolescent girls are taught about the changes in their bodies, how to obtain confidence and say ‘no’, who they are and where would they like to be.  This is a well supported program and there is a definite need within the community to spend time with these young girls in a safe and secure environment where they are able to express their feelings and share their experiences. 


Young Adolescent boys get together to talk about problems that they have. Educational talks are given to them


We have an excellent networking relationship between the Department of Health clinic, hospitals, Child Welfare and the Police. We refer patients to them and they refer patients to us.


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